12 Apr 2019

Sports Awards 2019

The Physical Education Department presented the Sports Awards 2019, on the 10 April. “Best and Fairest” and “Most Improved” awards were presented to 122 students from across the school. Awards were given to students who helped coach sports teams. All those students that represent Hong Kong internationally were also recognised.

The Sports Awards also showcased a dance performance and a Kendo demonstration. Guest speaker retired professional footballer, Michael Champion also spoke and told students that talent is not innate. Athletes get better by thousands of hours of practice and he encouraged everyone to be a bit better than they were the day before and to challenge oneself even in a small way each day.

The final awards were the major ones! The Team awards, the boys team of the year went to A grade Football- champions of their division. The girls team of the year went to Tennis. The girls won their division and like the boys achieved promotion.

Finally, awards were presented to the Sports Girl and Sports Boy of the Year – named as Victoria Work and Gwen Laot.

Many congratulations to our winners!

Click here to see a list of all the award winners