12 Apr 2019

Senior Awards 2019

This year’s Senior Awards saw a new format. Parents were invited to join the celebration of the Year 12 & 13 students’ achievements. The ceremony started with “best in subject” awards for Year 12 students – and later the same was done for Year 13 students.

One student from each House and Year was given an “Islander Award” This award recognizes those that have shown dedication to the school through their service and co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students are chosen for taking advantage of all the opportunities available to them and participating fully in school life – so they might develop their talents.

  • In Year 12 the most outstanding “Islander” was named as (12D) Daanyal Ebrahim, presented with the Jimmy Kim Award. Jimmy Kim, was a very hard working and committed student who died in the 1980s. He had considerable abilities and used them to serve the school.
  • In Year 13 (13D) Christophe Hatterer was name most outstanding and won the Nan Robertson Award. Roberts was formerly Chairman of the Council and of the PTA, he focused much of his attention on bringing the community together.

The “Island School Trust Spirit Awards” are also awarded to one student from each House and each Year – to those that embody the school’s values. Pursuing excellence in their learning and determination, embracing responsibility in their words and behaviour, and celebrating individuality by respecting others.

  • (12F) Priscilla Lee from the IS Trust Spirit Awards group went on to win the  Aran Rana Memorial Award. Rana was a founding member of the Island School Social Justice group and fought injustice where he saw it.
  • (13D) Nobel Chan and (13F) Viva Sheth were presented with the David James Award. James was Island School’s longest serving principal. This award goes to students who are not afraid to try new things and are willing to give, their time and support.  Friendly, supportive encouraging and people who have the respect and admiration of their friends. A positive influence for good in terms of learning and kindness and a key person within their House.

There was also book, essay, leadership and team awards! Click here to see a list of all the winners

Click here to see photos from the ceremony.