29 Sep 2017

Singers Shine In The Spotlight At Stars In Their Eyes

 Annual talent show, Stars In Their Eyes, opened to a full house on, 27 Sep. More than 100 students sang, danced, and performed in the orchestra. Karen Ng, Year 13, won the audience vote with her rendition of Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose and was named Stars In Their Eyes winner 2017. She was one of 11 acts to perform that evening, with songs spanning the decades.

The choir and last year’s winner Natascha Netz opened the show with The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp.

The choir also performed Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are and Ariana Grande, One Last Time. The show’s final number was a full cast performance of We Are Young by Fun, concluding with Natascha handing over the trophy to this year’s winner, Karen Ng.

Karen was shocked when the announcement was made, she said, “The feeling of winning is quite stunning, but it’s also humbling, especially in acknowledgement of every person who has worked to create such a dream event. I am so pleased that the audience enjoyed La Vie en Rose as much as I did!”

Stars In Their Eyes was started in 2003, and has been running for 15 years, it is the last time it will open at Borrett Road for a while. Wendy Leung, a Year 12 member of the orchestra, said: “I’ve been in this school for five years, and I’ve been to as many performances as I can. I think I will definitely miss the feeling of this old hall.”

By Nobel Chan, Media Team