28 Sep 2017

Island School Takes Bronze at Senior Maths Challenge

All sixteen members of the Senior Maths Challenge team

At the Senior Maths Challenge, Island School’s team came third after completing three difficult rounds, at Harrow International School on 21 Sep 2017. Over 140 students and 36 teams took part in the challenge.

Team member Matthew Ling Year 12 said, “Although we were relaxed and having fun, we also put in commitment and preparation to train together before the challenge.”

“All of the members of our team had been to the maths challenge the previous year, we knew that the most crucial aspect was teamwork. In a way, this was very fitting for a maths challenge: mathematics is traditionally portrayed as a highly individualistic subject, but in reality, mathematics has a heavy emphasis on clear communication.”

“Thank you to Mrs Chiu for organising the teams and the staff that helped us during the day. We’re very grateful, and we look forward to participating again next year.”

Team 1
Eugene Fok, Chul Soo Ahn, Sotaro Ogawa, Matthew Ling.