15 May 2020

Sign-up for the WhatsApp Group for Incoming 2020-21 Y7 Parents

Dear Parents and Carers,

On behalf of the Island School Parent Teacher Association (ISPTA), we would like to welcome all incoming Y7 families to the Island School community for the 2020/2021 academic year.

ISPTA runs very popular Whatsapp groups for parents to connect. The Y7 Whatsapp group helps our parents to discuss matters related to starting secondary school, ask for clarifications and connect with other parents.

Usually we start the Whatsapp group for new Y7 parents a week before the academic year starts, but in view of the current global circumstances, the forming of the Y7 Parents’  Whatsapp Group for 2020-2021 will commence earlier this year.

To sign up please fill in this online registration form.

Please note that this group is not run by Island School but by the ISPTA and parent volunteers. All official school information will be sent via school channels.

A couple of housekeeping rules:

  • The ISPTA Y7 Whatsapp group is strictly for current Island school Y7 parents. The purpose is to bring together the Island School community to support each other and share information about our children’s daily life.
  • Please limit posts past 10.30PM and unnecessary comments (repeated thank yous, holiday wishes, emojis).
  • As occasionally there can be a lot of traffic, we recommend you “mute” the group and read at your convenience.
  • Posting of messages will be available as soon as we have the group ready and all registered parents added. While we are working on setting up the group, commenting will be set to “admins only”. We anticipate the opening of the group for general discussion on the week on May 20, subject to confirmation.

Also on the sign up form you, will find a section for registering as a parent volunteer. Parents who volunteer their time and talent for the ISPTA are the heart of the Island School community. There are several ways in which you can involve yourself with the ISPTA, so please consider signing up to find out more about volunteering opportunities.

We look forward to your support of the ISPTA and wish you and your family a wonderful year ahead at Island School.


Kind regards,

ISPTA Committee