29 Mar 2018

Senior Awards 2017-2018

At the Senior Awards Principal Stephen Loggie congratulated all the award winners. He said, “It was wonderful to have the seniors gathered from both campuses celebrating each others achievements. The award recipients received deafening ovations from their peers and the event served as an excellent reminder of the very high standards our students achieve.”

The winners
Academic Awards – Year 10
Jaime LAM (D)

Academic Awards – Year 11
Ida TSUI (W)
Toto YUEN (W)

Academic Awards – Year 12
Nobel CHAN 12D

Academic Awards – Year 13

Service & Co-Curricular –  Year 10
Rachel HANDLEY (R)

The Aran Rana Memorial Prize for Service to the IS and Wider HK Community
Karen NG 13W

Service & Co-Curricular –  Year 11

The Amy Coxall Prize for Creativity in Design And Performance
Priscilla LEE 11F

Service & Co-Curricular – Year 12

  1. Christophe HATTERER (D)
  2. Miyu TERASHIMA (N)

Service & Co-Curricular – Year 13
Erika MAKINO (F)

Team AwardAcademic
Islander 2018

Team Award – Visual & Performing Arts
Island School Diwali Committee

Team Award – Sports
Boys’ Hockey Team

Team Award – Action & Services