29 Mar 2018

Message From The Principal, 29 March 2018

Dear Parents

Island School was a sea of emotion this week as our Year 13’s celebrated their last rostered classes prior to commencing study leave.  At assembly I spoke to the students about how proud we should all be of the way the Year 13’s have managed the move to Sha Tin. They have been inspirational in the way they have not let the move distract their focus of the quality of their experience and have served our school with great distinction.

Part of these celebrations included senior awards. It was wonderful to have the seniors gathered from both campuses celebrating each others achievements. The award recipients received deafening ovations from their peers and the event served as an excellent reminder of the very high standards our students achieve.

Last week following the IB Arts and BTEC exhibition I wrote about the importance of the Arts in education and the unique place it held in the Island School curriculum.

This week I would like to focus on the other major elements of this important event, the project work. From the first days of joining Island School students are challenged to apply what they learn in practical ways in that enable them to better understand the world they live in and their place in it.

Island Time, Elements and Global Explorations and our design and technology subjects ensure our students have more time for project work than any school I know.

When you combine this with the extra curricula activities such as the extension clubs and events such as Anaia, it’s easy to understand how Island School students have an edge when it comes to university and careers.

The quality of work on display was excellent but perhaps only second to the rich journeys the students shared when discussing their work.

On behalf of the school community I congratulate the students who exhibited their work and to Avantika, Megan and all those involved in the Anaia extravaganza. Your work made us very proud.

I wish all of our students and staff a wonderful holiday. This term has seemingly flown past and we can go into the Easter break very satisfied with our achievements.

Warm regards