15 Oct 2020

Salient Scientists Shine in the First-Ever STEM Innovation Fair

At the inaugural ESF STEM Innovation Fair Island School representatives won three of the five trophies up for grabs – in the battle of the sciences, at Renaissance College on, Saturday 10th October 2020.

The ‘Inno Fair’ STEM competition, initiated by a group of Renaissance College students, aims to facilitate genuine scientific investigation among students. A specialist university professor was paired with groups of students to help guide research. From a new treatment for Parkinson’s Disease to the synthesis of durable bioplastics, teams researched ideas that could change the future.

Each project was then judged by all the professors at the fair, and five awards were presented. After five hours of presenting, the Island School groups did themselves proud and won three of the five awards. Abigail Ho, Aoi Sakamoto and Fiorelli Wong ranked third place out of a total of 19 student groups. Airi Tachino, Clarissa Ki and Renee Au, were praised for their outstanding preparation prior to the fair, received the esteemed Organisation award. Alex Sallustro, Kit Kit Li and Tracy Fu walked away with the trophy for Creativity.

“It was definitely a very educational experience, but at the same time, I was able to get to know my group mates better (as they are in a different year group). I couldn’t have had a better team,” said Airi Tachino. Her team investigated the enzymatic browning of apples, she continued, “It was such a wonderful opportunity, and I would encourage more people to try it next year!”

The teams and their projects:

Abigail Ho (11R), Aoi Sakamoto (11N), Fiorelli Wong (11R)

“How do Different Polymers Create Durable and Flexible Bioplastics?”


Airi Tachino (10D), Clarissa Ki (12F), Renee Au (12E)

“Are Antioxidants in Vitamin Supplements More Effective than Antioxidants from Food Sources in Preventing the Enzymatic Browning of Apples?”


Alex Sallustro (10F), Kit Kit Li (10F), Tracy Fu (10E)

“To what extent can object recognition recognise the different types of clothing in a controlled environment?”


Freya Mignon (10N)

“If the universe is expanding why do galaxies collide?”


Hailey Lau (10N), Kin Ching Ip (10N)

“To what extent does the sun display differential rotation and how is it displayed?”


Marie Ji (10N), Sophie Luk (10N)

“To what extent does the concentration of black tea in kombucha affect its longevity?”


Melanie Hsieh (12N)

“Using Machine Learning to Identify Accurate Medication-Taking Time for Parkinson’s Disease Patients”


Article by Aoi Sakamoto, Media Team

Photographs by Abigail Ho & Fiorelli Wong, Media Team