19 Mar 2018

Sailing into the final

On the first day of the inter-schools sailing competition, Island School’s team was unbeaten in every race qualifying top of division A, on 11 March. The team were unbeaten again in their first three races of the second day of sailing but were only just beaten by French International School in the final race of the whole weekend. The competition ended with Island School, French International and West Island School tied, the top three places were decided on points with Island School coming third.

Mr. Julian Reed said, “Many congratulations to the team”
Matthew Wright, Christophe Hatterer, Abbey Hammond, Lumière Ng, Jaime Lam, Aidan Wong, Patrick Hepper, Alex Bray, Elizabeth Ming and Justin Ming.

After-school sailing continues next term every Thursday at Hebe Haven Yacht Club. The next big event for the school will be the 24-hour charity race on the last weekend of September, where we hope to field a strong team again.