14 Sep 2023

Rutherford Charity Week 18-22 September

Rutherford Charity Week will be held from 18- 22 September to support ImpactHK, a charity who helps people experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong.

Monday, 18 Sep,  7R and 8R sponsored sing-a-thon with all of the best trendy music in town.  Come to the courtyard to join in the singing! 

Tuesday, 19 Sep, 9R and 10R scrumptious bake sale in the courtyard during lunchtime. Come quickly as they sell out fast!

Wednesday, 20 Sep,  Finding Wolfie’s Friends. Grab your running shoes and take part in Rutherford’s first ever scavenger hunt! Don’t forget to take a selfie with Wolfie (towards the end of the hunt) in order for your submission to be considered. (Please also ensure that the Google Form is submitted by the end of the day)!

Thursday, 21 Sep, Rutherford Carnival! Don’t forget to check out our game stalls such as soda pong and bear shooter. Give it a go at winning our grand prize – including a 1 metre long dinosaur! Carnival tickets will be on sale during lunchtime on Tuesday 19th September and at the carnival on Thursday.

Friday 22 Sep, #splattheteacher is returning to the courtyard during break! Anybody can pledge individually or in groups to splat a teacher from Rutherford, to raise money for ImpactHK. Make sure you get involved the teachers are equally as excited as you are! 

We very much hope you’ll enjoy the Rutherford charity week this year! 

From the Rutherford house leaders,

Katrina Hon, Derrick Chung, Yee Ka Lau, and Couleur Yoong

Important deadlines: 

Lunchtime Tue, 19th September & Thu 21st September, get your carnival tickets. 

4pm, Wed, 20th September, Deadline for #splatthatteacher.  The link to the google form can be found on the bulletin.