5 Sep 2023

MedSoc is now accepting submissions from across the student body!

The Island School Medics Club is thrilled to announce the relaunch of MedSoc, Island School’s platform for budding healthcare enthusiasts! MedSoc is back, and we’re eager to engage with your passion for healthcare, medical research, and all things related to the field.

MedSoc is now open to submissions from students across our school community. Whether you’re an aspiring doctor, researcher, or healthcare advocate, we encourage you to share your insights. Your articles should be not only informative but also captivating, ensuring they resonate with our diverse readership.

The topics we’re interested in cover a wide spectrum of healthcare-related subjects, from groundbreaking research findings and practical health and wellness tips to the latest trends in healthcare technology and thought-provoking pieces on healthcare policy and advocacy.

Please see the Google Form for additional details on formatting, and to submit your work.

Additionally, please follow @is_medicsclub on instagram for more updates!