4 Mar 2024

Redress Week 2024

Dear Islanders,

WANBO is proud to announce that Redress Week will be starting on Monday, the 4th of March! 

Every year, we collaborate with Redress, an NGO aiming to rebuild a circular fashion economy to mitigate the harmful effects of textile waste. Textile waste is a huge problem in Hong Kong, as data from Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department shows that as much as 343 tonnes of the city’s textile waste goes to landfills daily!

This is because of a myriad of reasons, including the rise of fast fashion, overconsumption and the culture of retail therapy. With this initiative from WANBO, we can put unwanted clothing items to good use instead of overcrowding our limited landfills. We call on you to be mindful consumers and create some positive change!

How to Donate? 

⁠Boxes will be placed outside your house office for collecting your clothing items. Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts: 


  • Donate clean and washed items. 
  • Place the items neatly into the designated boxes.


  • Donate damaged items: Dirty, torn, or mouldy items. 
  • Donate socks, shoes or underwear.
  • Donate school uniforms.

What Do I Get Out of This?

This is an inter-house event! Each piece of clothing you donate counts as 1 point towards your house. Nevertheless, the key takeaway is the environmental service. By donating and purchasing, you can help the environment by reducing clothing consumption and waste, and fund Redress. This is also a great chance to clean out your messy closets!

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Join us on the 20th of March for our clothing bazaar in the courtyard to snag some cool pieces for a new look, for as low as 5 HKD! All proceeds and unsold pieces will be donated to Redress.

With Redress, WANBO strives to make fashion a more sustainable industry by helping Island School approach fashion in an environmentally friendly way. 


Take action now!

From the WANBO Team