7 Jun 2023

Reclaim your lost and found and SAVE!

Now is the time to SAVE!  

SAVE money by not having to buy new uniform pieces, water bottles and other items that simply need to be reclaimed. (That money could be spent on snacks, charitable donations, and Quest Week!)    

SAVE time by having those pieces back in circulation immediately. No delay for shipping!  

SAVE the environment by being a responsible student and doing your best to look after your things so that they don’t need to be replaced frequently.  

SAVE the angst and irritation of your parent who have to ask you every. single. day. to go check Lost and Found.

SAVE THE WORLD!  Go reclaim your stuff and conquer that monster!

Lost and found collections are located at the:
– Terrace outside Classroom G02 for clothing
– Covered area between the large and small Terrace for water bottles, bags, stationary and other items
– General office for valuables such as wallets, phones, watches and etc