12 Jun 2023

First 50 years: Borrett Road 1967-2017

To celebrate the return to Borrett Road, we are taking a look into the ISPTA life on the old Borrett Road campus. ISPTA’s current online newsletters document the events and initiatives from 2017-18 onwards, and now these Highlights bring back the events and stories from the first 50 years on Borrett Road, 1967-2017.

The Highlights of 1967-12 digs deep into archives and looks into the first 45 years of ISPTA, before the time of online publications.

The Highlights of 2012-16 brings a blast from the past and shows the best pictures, memories and events from ISPTA’s monthly online newsletter that ran for those years.

The Highlights of 2016-17 looks into the 50th anniversary year celebrations and events just before the decant.