10 Mar 2017

Potter, Pirates and Stretchy Pants, Book Week at Island School 2017

Heroes and Villains was the theme of Island School’s Book Week, 27 Feb -3 Mar 2017. From Battle of the Books to the costumes donned by students and teachers, the week’s festivities encouraged all to get involved.

New events were introduced by Book Week organisers, English Teachers, Mr Holliday and Mr Atkinson, such as the QR code hunts and the Book Week bake off, where students were challenged to make a cake related to a work of fiction. Megan Lam’s stunning, Superman cake won.

In the Battle of the Books competition teams from each House were challenged to read a number of books before answering precise questions on each. After two days of knockout rounds Year 7 Da Vinci and Year 8 Nansen won the finals.

There was classroom based activities with students following clues to catch villains and find heroes, read out by their teachers. Sean Lee of 7N identified the famous character winning the competition and the prize.

In the teachers’ dressing-up competition, the Technology Department retained their winners’ trophy. They not only dressed up as Batman characters but they also made bat outfits, revealing the words Ka-pow and Wham on their spread wings.  They also made a screen that Batman and Robin aka Mr York and Mr Parker burst through as they entered the stage. But Mr. Lester stole the show when he arrived on stage dressed as the Penguin in a man powered Batmobile!

Student Van An 10N: “As an avid book lover, I thought this week was particularly enjoyable for some of the younger Years, with lots of activities that they could participate in. It certainly created a fun atmosphere for everyone, and I can definitely say that I enjoyed it.”

There was also a Get Caught reading Instagram page, decorate the door competition and a short story reading competition.

Article by Priscilla Lee, Media Team

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