13 Mar 2017

First, Second and Third Prize Won at International History Bee and Bowl!

At the International History Bee and Bowl competition Island School won the individual competition, coming first, second, and third. In the team games, IS came second, in the senior varsity category, and first, second, and third, again in the junior varsity category!

Island School competed against 31 other teams, including CIS and HKIS, at the competition held at Korean International School on the 12 March, 2017. The competition challenged students to answer quiz-based questions on world history and general knowledge. The teams have spent over a month preparing for the competition with mock simulations in school and research.

Head of History, Stephen Budd said: “Well done to all the students. It was a very challenging competition and I was particularly impressed by the way all team members contributed to the victories. Each student had a particular specialism which enabled everyone to contribute. It was a long day with an entertaining end as we watched two all-Island School finals. I am immensely proud of all them for having the courage to take part. He who dares – wins!”

Special mention should go to all those who attended and represented the school including: Bryony Morgan, Esha Gidwani, Alisha Daswani, Carissa Lee, Nick Singh, Darren Mok, Kyle Tsang, Chul Soo Ahn, Zaheu Jacota, Alex Spurr, Ashwin Bharwani, Adrian Tam, Van An Trinh, Priscilla Lee, Job Tam, Olivia Bray, Stephanie Cheung, Shania To, Calvin Zai, Dan Meerovitsch, Gabriel Chan and Chak Kei Lau and Year 13 students Justin Yu, Jenny Kang and Gemma Kwok for helping to run the competition.”