24 Mar 2023

Parent Luncheons on New Campus

The parent luncheons for each year group are under way. The events are organised by the school and are co-hosted with ISPTA. Parents of the senior year groups met during March and April. The delicious meals were prepared by APC, with no left-overs to be found afterwards. 

Parents have been joined by Steven Loggie, Beth Hall and other members of the leadership team. The casual yet lively conversations around the room so far have never slowed down. There was much excitement in the air about plans for the upcoming Quest Week choices as well as university options and the well-received Higher Education meetings that have been ongoing since the beginning of term.  Those in attendance are very much looking forward to another opportunity to meet in an intimate setting like this again before the end of the school year. 

What a fantastic community Island School is building with its parents and students. The remaining year groups are still to meet.  We can only imagine what the next year groups will cover as summer approaches and our students prepare to take on the next phases of their education and lives at Island School. Watch your newsletters for these important dates!

Island School ~ Stronger, Together