19 Apr 2016

Outstanding Delegation Awards at the Model United Nations

At the prestigious Hong Kong Model United Nations on 16-17 April, Island School students achieved Outstanding Delegation Awards.

As delegates from the UN General Assembly, NATO, UNESCO, and LEGCO, 13 IS students examined issues including; access to education and cultural heritage destruction in conflict areas, Hong Kong’s socio-economic issues, foreign fighters and lone-wolf terrorism.

In the post-conference awards, Island School students surpassed anything the school has achieved before.  In 4 out of the 6 committees that Island School students attended, our students won Outstanding Delegation awards.

The results are as follows: Outstanding Delegations: Heng-Jeung Yuen, Constance Chu, Aayush Batwara, Matthew Ling, Parth Mody, Ayesha Shahani, Bakhita Fung.
Honorable Mentions: Zaheu Jacota, Omar Wu, Gwennie Tan.

Rhian Thomas, Head of History & MUN Coordinator, said “With every MUN conference, I am proud of the enthusiasm, conscientiousness, maturity and self-motivation demonstrated by our wonderful Island School delegates, but this performance was phenomenal and far exceeded any expectations we could have had.”