19 Apr 2016

IB Mathematics Internal Assessment Day.

To prepare Year 12 students for their IA (internal assessments) for IB Mathematics (aka the personal exploration) students spent 14 April 2016 hearing and planning what they need mathsto do to get it right.

Head of Maths, Ms. Wathall and Maths Teacher Ms. Chiu listed out all the resources students could use to help guide them and highlighted potential mistakes and how to avoid them. Students heard the requirements for a good starting point and began brainstorming.

Mrs Wathall said; “The IA day is very important for our students. This is an opportunity for students to ask a lot of questions and to clear up any false assumptions or confusion about what the personal exploration is about. Mrs Chiu explained the marking system and what is necessary to experience success in the personal exploration and all the assessment criteria were debunked. Mrs. Chiu is a Higher Level IA moderator and we have guided students through IA for many years giving students a better understanding of the expectations from IB.”

Frank Sun Year 12; “After the day, not only have we gained a clearer understanding of what is expected, we now know exactly what and how we should do the IA  to ensure the highest mark possible.”

Ryan Lee Year 12; “Thank you to Ms Wathall and Ms Chiu for their input on the day.”