1 Apr 2019

OTT Spring Concert

Musicians from all year groups performed at the Music Department concert ‘OTT: Overtures, Troubadours, Toreadors and more, on 26 March 2019.

The concert featured performances from Junior Choir, Senior Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and the D-Sharps, an Island School’s acapella vocal group. A Year 9 ensemble shared an intense rendition of ‘Time Lapse’ and Ivy Fan, a GCSE Music student, gave a excellent interpretation of Copland’s dramatic piece ‘The Cat and the Mouse’. A group of Year 8 students performed in a Gamelan ensemble, playing traditional music from Java. One performer recalled, “I was a bit nervous before playing it, but I was really pleased with how our performance turned out.”

Head of Music Joseph Travers said: “Congratulations to all musicians who took part at the concert. Preparing for an event like this requires perseverence and commitment, it was a pleasure to share such a wide variety of performances with our audience.”

Jenny Hodson, Vice Principal also said that it was a wonderful way to bring our two school sites together, and the audience enjoyed seeing musicians from all year groups on stage.

A special thank you Phil Tudor, Winnie Cho and Ken An for all their hard work towards this concert.