13 Jan 2023

New Leadership Team for the Connected Communities Committee Announced

A huge congratulations to the new leadership team for the Connected Communities Committee! This year, a rigorous nomination process was implemented to ensure the Committee get students passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for the school and our neighbouring communities. This process involved a panel evaluation of candidates, independent moderators and a final interview with our appointed chief interviewers.

Committee Heads

  • Yimo Yao (12E)
  • Angus Leung (12N)
  • Kelly Yee Ka Lau (11R)
  • Katrina Hon (11R)

Sub-Committee Heads

  • Instagram Design & Management – Katrina Hon (11R), Acacia Yeung (11W)
  • Website Design & Operations –  Audrey Leung (12E), Tiffany Teh (12E), Leonard Lui (11F)
  • Strategic Initiatives – Angus Leung (12N), Alexandra Lai (11W)
  • Operations, Events & Logistics – Yimo Yao (12E), Yee Ka Lau (11R)
  • Finance & Resources Management – Nicole Li (12R), Varun Suresh (12F)
  • Human Resources Publicity & Outreach – Ava Au Yeung (10D), Joanna Jang (11W)

Outgoing Heads of Committees, Sam Hui (13W), Joseph Lau (13D) and Wilson Siu (13R) explained, “We were very impressed with the high quality of the applicants and the grit, tenacity and perseverance they have demonstrated throughout their time in the Committee. We’ve put in place a very comprehensive application process to ensure fairness throughout the process and our independent moderators and chief interviewers have attested to the rigour of the process and the contributions all candidates have put in. All candidates have distinguished themselves as outstanding leaders and we are very certain that they will bring the Committee to new heights. Well done to our new Heads and Sub-Committee Heads again and wishing them every success for their endeavours!”

Newly appointed leaders also exclaimed their excitement for continuing Island School’s partnerships with Sha Tin Wai in the upcoming year.

Katrina Hon (11R) said, “Stay tuned for more updates on the committee; there will be many exciting events coming soon!” 

Audrey Leung (12E) stated, “I hope to see more events happening in the coming years and strengthen our connections with the Sha Tin Wai community.”

“We aim to reach further into the Sha Tin community and showcase our events through our website work. Stay tuned for more upcoming events!” noted Tiffany Teh (12E).

The Connected Communities Committee looks forward to shaping other meaningful initiatives in the future, possibly involving a broader community too. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact Committee Heads Angus Leung (12N), Yimo Yao (12E), Yee Ka Lau (11R) and Katrina Hon (11R).

Article by Ava Au Yeung (10D) and Nicholas Tsang (10E), Human Resources, Publicity & Outreach Sub-Committee