18 Sep 2017

Model United Nations Tryouts

Internet freedom, Kim Jong Un’s policies and nuclear war were among the topics debated by the 60 students who attended the Island School Model United Nations trials on 8th September 2017.

In preparation for the first MUN conference of the year, the 60 delegates researched topics related to internet freedom, .i.e. censorship and malware attacks. In pairs or individually, they made speeches, formed alliances, and raised questions in response to other delegates’ presentations, resulting in a fruitful debate.

“It was undoubtedly the best MUN trials I have been to” said Bakhita Fung, one of the MUN team leaders.

“MUN really helps to foster an understanding in students of their responsibility as global citizens. It gives them the opportunities to hone a variety of skills, such as critical thinking, public speaking, self-confidence and also improves their understanding of a variety of perspectives.”

Over the course of this school year, the Island School MUN team will participate in three major upcoming conferences – CISSMUN in Shanghai, the regional HKMUN, and HKJMUN, which will be held at Victoria Shanghai Academy.

By Tote Yuen, Media Team.