18 Sep 2017

It’s Four for Four by Debate Five

Winning all four of their debates, the five members of the Island School debate team ranked first against 27 other schools, this Saturday 16 Sep, at the HK School’s Debate Competition.

The students debated motions such as ‘This house would levy a 100% luxury tax on football clubs that exceed a transfer threshold’ and ‘This house, as a pro-renewables environmentalist would oppose nuclear power projects’ as well as two impromptu motions.

Mr Danny Nason (debate supervisor) said, “It was an absolutely incredible performance and credit should go to these committed debaters who prepared and performed excellently. To win in both the prepared motions and impromptu motions really exhibits the impressive skill of this team.”

They go through to the quarter finals on Tuesday 19 Sep as the top ranking team.

The Debate Team: Matthew Ling (who ranked 7th out of 100s of speakers), Van An Trinh, Daanyal Ebrahim, Bakhita Fung and Alisha Daswani.