2 Nov 2018

Middle Years Programme Update

Middle Years Programme Consultant Visit October 23-24

 As part of our MYP journey to verification by the IBO, Island School welcomed Mr. Aubrey Curran last week as part of our MYP Consultancy process. Mr. Curran who currently works in Japan, has been overseeing our planning and preparations for the MYP and has been liaising closely with us over the past year.

Mr. Curran spent 2 days talking to school administrators, the MYP Co-ordinator, all core teachers, groups of students and parents in order to explain to us the process and help us improve and develop our programme. He visited classrooms and facilities and asked questions about our service and action programmes we offer. Our next steps include continuing our preparations for Year 8 and ensuring the students have a smooth transition between phases.

Mr. Curran will end his Consultancy phase with us in April 2019 and we will then begin to prepare for our final verification visit at the end of 2019. Thank you to the parents and community members who supported us with this visit.

  MYP Island Learning

Island Learning in the MYP encompasses two new dynamic courses that have developed and evolved from Island Time. Taking the best parts of Island Time which was part of the Futures Curriculum ‘Island Learning’ combines two academic disciplines together in order to create new understanding and learning experiences for the students.

This semester Da Vinci, Einstein and Fleming are focusing on Tourism in Hong Kong combining Individuals & Societies and Technology while Fine Arts and English are working with students on an Identity Unit with Nansen, Rutherford and Wilberforce.

Each group will swap in January to experience the other Unit.

Report by Middle Years Programme Coordinator, Andrea Walsh