22 May 2020

Message from the Senior Phase VP, Matt Rappel

To our Year 13 Students and Parents,

I hope you’re all well? We have reached the point where the exams would have been over. It’s also the time where our BTEC students are putting in the final touches to their coursework. Well done to those students for carrying on through this period.

As you will have read, we are finally back on site with some students. We would like to provide the Year 13s with an opportunity to come to Sha Tin Wai on Wednesday, 27 May. It is entirely optional, but if you would like to come in we have arranged for House staff to be available to meet you and catch up from 1.25pm to 2.45pm. You will have the opportunity to collect your Leavers Hoodies.

We have to adhere to the health and safety procedures on that day.  You will need to have completed the Health and Safety Declaration form that was shared last week and I would ask that you take a few minutes to watch our Return to School video that was sent that explains the procedures on site.

To our Year 12 Students and Parents, 

It was so good to see all of the Year 12s onsite today. They all followed the health and safety procedures seamlessly and were quickly into their stride in lessons. I am sure for many of them it felt strange coming back after such a long time away but that feeling quickly disappears when you’re back in, and it was great to see such a positive atmosphere in the school.

Next week they will be taking their exams at the Tai Wai campus and have all been sent their individual timetables. Please remember that they only have to be in school for their exams during this time.

There will be a full bus service provided, and students are welcome to stay onsite all day but they can also return home once they have finished their exam. The IBCP students have a separate document being sent out by Mr Wilkinson today, just reminding them of how their week will work.

Wishing our Senior Phase Students and Parents a great weekend.

Best wishes
Matt Rappel