3 Nov 2017

Message From The Principal, 3 Nov 2017

Tonight Island School proudly comes together for “Diwali Under The Stars”. This event promises to be a highlight of our school social year. Our incredible student organising committee has designed an exciting program that will engage all present in a celebration of Hindu culture. Island School takes every opportunity to honour the traditions of our school and the ethnic diversity of our student body. Thanks to all those who are coming to join the fun and I wish you all a happy Diwali.

Inter-House carnivals

We are in a very busy time of year for inter-House sports carnivals and for those new to the school I would like to point out a few of the benefits of these events.

  • Sport provides wonderful lessons to students assisting them in their personal development. For competitive athletes it teaches lessons about commitment, dedication and teamwork and for social athletes it teaches social skills and physical wellbeing.
  • They provide a rich opportunity to develop school spirit and quality relationships that underpin academic success.
  • They provide opportunities for athletically gifted students to be acknowledged for their talents.
  • They add much needed variety to the school routine and they contribute to a vibrant school life.

Our recent cross country and swimming carnival was overwhelmingly embraced by the students and staff and I was very proud of the level of school spirit that was a feature of all activities. Congratulations to all staff and students for your commitment to this important aspect of our school life.

Uniform Notice

The school will assume responsibility from the ISPTA for uniform provision when we move to the Transition sites at Sha Tin. Making this move streamlines our service to parents in the future.

As we implement this changeover it is probable that our stock of some items of uniform may become exhausted. This is particularly the case for some aspects of the winter uniform. In cases where the PTA Uniform Shop is out of stock in a particular size or garment (e.g. sweatshirts, fleece jackets and other items of winter wear), students may wear a non-uniform item in plain dark colours, preferably navy. Logos and decoration should be kept to a minimum. Please be mindful that jeans are not considered to be an acceptable substitute for trousers.

Parents should be reassured that school considers the welfare of students a priority and, as the weather cools, no student is expected to be cold at school. If you have any queries regarding this please contact the school or the PTA office for further advice.

Warm regards


Stephen Loggie
Island School, Principal