29 Sep 2017

Message from the Principal, 29 Sep 2017

Dear Parents

When I addressed the students in assembly this morning I had the pleasure of presenting Ivy Fan from 9E the inaugural Stephanie and Samantha Kelly Prize for her Solo E project from last academic year.

This prize carries with it a scholarship of $2500, donated by the Kelly family in memory of former alumna Samantha Kelly.

At assembly Ivy presented her Solo E project which investigated the environmental impact of the over usage of plastic water bottles in Hong Kong. Her project included an evaluation of relevant research, personal investigation as well as the steps she had personally taken to engage the community and peers in this important issue.

The quality of Ivy’s work was exceptional and she is a worthy recipient of the prize which seeks to acknowledge generosity of spirit, and enthusiasm for making the world a better place, two qualities which Samantha Kelly was well known for.

The assembly was also the perfect forum for me to acknowledge the students involved in the hugely successful production of “Stars in their Eyes” and our brilliant debating team.

The assembled students enthusiastically acknowledged their peers and the assembly had that unique Island vibe. In my closing message I encouraged all students to use the celebration as a reminder to reflect on their own achievements thus far and to return refreshed ready to pursue personal excellence.

Warm regards

Stephen Loggie

Island School Principal