9 Oct 2017

Island School Student Union 2017-2018

A new group of students has been elected to the Island School Student Union 2017-2018.

This year the election process changed, each House put forward three representatives (from Year 12) and within that group of representatives, two leaders have been elected following a hustings.

Aayush Batwara (Nansen) and Viva Sheth (Fleming) were elected as presidents.
This year’s ISSU plans to:

  •  Have more varied inter-House competitions including sports like dodgeball, speedball and tug-of-war.
  • Gain more exposure for the arts by having art and drama competitions.
  •  Carry on themed timeouts that started last year e.g. halloween, scavenger hunts and pool parties.
  •  Raise funds for Operation Santa Claus – a charity that provides gifts for underprivileged children and hopes to improve their lives

The following students have been elected to the incoming Student Union:

Charlotte Ho
Taylor Gao
Tiffany Luk
Matthew Ma
Ashwin Bharwani
Cedric Widodo
Justin Wong
Ian Weathington
Viva Sheth
Aayush Batwara
Miyu Terashima
Shreya Tanna
Justin Yiu
Kenzo Wilson
Julian Onderwater
Chul Soo Ahn
Momoka Sugaya
Natasha Wang
Jaden Lu

They are call DARE (Determined to Assist and Reach Everyone)