23 Nov 2018

Message From The Principal, 24 Nov 2018

Dear Parents

The last section of any term contains heavy assessment demands. Many subjects have assignments due, followed closely by exams.

Learning to perform under pressure is a valuable life skill and the secret to success is in careful planning and organisation. Some of the pressure that students experience is generated by either them leaving too little time to prepare for a looming deadline or not using their time effectively.

This pressure often generates significant stress for students and it ripples out into their families creating tension and conflict. The best advice I can offer families who are dealing with this scenario is to work together with their young person to develop a plan for this period.

Below are some ideas for considering when preparing this plan:

  • Familiarise yourself with exam and assignment schedules for your child
  • Realistically determined how much time is required to meet these expectations
  • Develop a weekly schedule to manage time
  • Make sure the schedule includes exercise, family time and leisure activities
  • Work together with your child to maintain excellent attendance. Staying home from school to complete an assignment just puts a student behind in other areas which then needs to be made up
  • Ensure your child is adjusting social commitments and personal interest time as required
  • Make sure your child is allowing sufficient time for getting rest and sleeping.
  • Assist them to maintain a good diet, this is especially important

Parents or students wishing for more advice or support on this very important matter are encouraged to contact their tutor or Senior Head of House.