17 May 2019

Meet the Tai Wai Campus Student Council, Council Chairs and the Student Ambassadors

Meet the Student Council, Council Chairs and the Student Ambassadors at the Tai Wai campus. Carina Chatlani, Grace Zheng and Yu Hang Hui have recently been elected to replace Jaime Lam and Katya Foong as the council chairs.

Working with their counterparts at Sha Tin Wai, the Tai Wai Student Council are responsible for representing the student body and helping to improve the student experience at Island School.

The Student Ambassadors are the public face of the school and have been working tirelessly over the past school year: giving tours to parents and visitors, supporting school events and representing their respective Houses.

TW Student Council: Grant Weathington, Emilie Grobe (Sports), Ethan Rajanayagam, Ayahiko Usui (Arts), Sona Suzuki (Wanbo), Yu Hang Hui, Yanisha Chung, Sara Postacchini, Neha Navalani (Learning), Zekie Lung, Andrea Cheung (Outreach), Yuka Suzuki, Carina Chatlani (Student Welfare) and Grace Zheng (Student Media).

TW Student Ambassadors: Aileen Bai Yang, Andrea Cheung, Mackenzie Lai, Karen Orito (Da Vinci), Prityush Jhaveri, Sara Postacchini, Louise Spencer, Taylor Chen (Einstein), Michelle Chau, Jennifer Wong, Jonathan Ishak, Kopal Anand (Fleming), Wai Nung Ng, Kimberley Ng, Carina Chatlani, Megan Chan (Nansen), Yuka Suzuki, Neha Navalani, Diya Dadlani, Yu Hang Hui (Rutherford), Michaela Campbell-Pitt, Hilary Li, Serena Yoon, Ethan Yap (Wilberforce).