9 Mar 2018

Mathematics Middle Phase Curriculum Leader with TLR 3


The description below is layered on top of a mainscale teachers’ Job Description. All TLR responsibility holders have a teaching responsibility.

Key responsibilities

• Leading the specified phase or curriculum area in developing and improving teaching and learning.
• Monitoring/evaluating the development of teaching and learning in the specified phase or curriculum area.
• Contributing to, supporting and implementing the Development Plan for specific subject or phase.
• Supporting the School Performance Management system for the curriculum area, completing Performance Management interviews as required.
• Communicating effectively and efficiently within the specified phase/curriculum area and with others in the school and its community.
• Running effective meetings and providing agendas and minutes of these meetings.
• Attending whole school and Hexagon/Curriculum Area meetings as required.
• Implementing all agreed school policies and actively promoting a whole school vision.
• Planning and managing resources. Efficiently managing delegated spending according to school policies.
• Collaborating with other Hexagon/Curriculum Areas to develop cross curricular links.

Key accountabilities:

• High quality teaching and learning consistently achieved in the curriculum area or specified phase.
• Resources for learning match needs of the students.
• Performance data is used well for teaching and for interventions.
• All staff are performing at a high level and/or underperformance is addressed, evidenced through Performance Management data.
• Contributing to the Foundation wide professional development programme.
• Accountable to the Principal.


• A good teacher with very good relationships with students.
• Committed to the highest expectations of students and their learning.
• High personal expectations.
• Able to communicate effectively.
• Able to use data appropriately.
• Able to plan efficiently and manage change.
• Able to develop a coherent, well motivated and effective team.
• Able to coach colleagues.
• Able to demonstrate a commitment to CPD

14 March 2018