14 Jun 2019

Let’s Talk Trash – Students Interview on RTHK

In an interview with RTHK Radio 3, two senior students Christophe and Anya and Teacher of Design & Technology, Tim Parker explain how they built 3 machines that transform waste plastic into new products.

Christophe Hatterer (13D) and Anya Saunders (12W) told Marcy Trent ‘Trash Talk’ presenter how their plastics recycling machines work. With their team they have built a shredder machine, and are building the next phase – an injection moulding machine and an extrusion line. Mr. Parker explained how they plan to bring this project to the community by making benches or useful objects that encourage people to think about how they recycle. The podcast series, ‘Trash Talk’, co-hosted by RTHK and Sustainable Asia, covers environmental issues and recycling initiatives in Hong Kong.

“It was such a great experience to be able to talk about the recycling project with a wider audience. We hope our efforts will raise more awareness around plastic pollution and the value in waste” said Mr. Parker.

Click here to listen to the podcast.