14 Jun 2019

Healthy Living Week 2019

Healthy Living Week at Island School saw students making vegan lunches, learning French and Spanish words for health foods and cooking with mealworms!

At the start of the week Form Tutors and students focused on the basics for a healthy lifestyle, getting enough; sleep, vegetables and fruits and exercise.

For the first time at any school in Hong Kong students where challenged to cook with mealworms as part of the Year 8 Tech Day Challenge. With the production of meat becoming increasingly expensive and damaging to the environment, alternative proteins are important to consider. Mealworms have five times the protein value of beef. This week students made mealworm fried rice, burgers, banana bread, sushi, pizza and tacos, while their team mates produced all the promotional materials necessary to take their food product to market.

Head of Food Technology and Hospitality Mr Chris Lord who coordinated the week said, “Healthy Living Week encourages students and staff to reflect on their diet and habits. We talk about and show students simple things they can do that will make a big change. Many took on the challenges to either eat healthier, be more active or get more sleep.”

Below is a list of all the Healthy Living Week challenges and events


Elements Class Lords Kitchen – Impossible Meat (vegan) lunch
Physc Elements  –  healthy lifestyles on social media
Year 7 French healthy cooking
Year 9 Healthy snack challenge
Scientist in kitchen – Impossible meat meal creation


Year 7 smoothies
Year 12 Speakers hour
BTEC Hospitality restaurant visit to POP Vegan and talk from the chef
IB Sport – Calorie Intake/Expenditure
Year 7/8 French and Spanish lessons on healthy foods
Film Club screening of What the Health.
Year 10 GCSE Healthy meal competition


Year 8 Technology day 1. Alternative protein challenge
Tutor time quizzes
Year 7/8 French and Spanish lessons on healthy foods
Sweet Indulgence and Food Lovers Healthy food activity/food sale
Tutor time quizzes


Year 8 Technology day. 2 Alternative protein challenge
Year 12 games to promote the pledges
Year 7/8 French and Spanish lessons on healthy foods
Year 9 Healthy Eating Assessment


Dress Fruity/Colourful, which raised $3182.60 for the World food Program School feeding initiative