17 May 2018

Student Wins Scholarship to Apple’s Developers Conference

Student Julian Schiavo has received a scholarship to attend Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this year.

To win the scholarship, Julian had the allocated time of two weeks to design and create an app, as well as write 2 essays, one about his app, the other explaining how he shares his passion for app design with others.

Julian said, “I used Apple’s game technologies to make a game called Double Pong, my twist on the classic “Pong” game.”

Each year, Apple awards 350 scholarships to students, which includes a ticket to the conference, as well as lodgings and food.

Over 5000 people from 75 countries attend the WWDC each year. This year, the conference is being run in San Jose, California from the 4-8 June 2018. The WWDC welcomes developers and engineers of apps and games for Apple’s platforms, e.g. iPhones. It includes sessions, in which engineers explain and demonstrate new and existing app and game technologies, as well as labs, where attendees can ask questions and receive direct help from Apple employees.