16 May 2018

Creative Composer Meets Elements Class

Composer, Dr Vanissa Law visited the ‘Advanced Music’ Elements class on Monday 14 May 2018. Vanissa started her career composing for traditional acoustic instruments but soon moved on to writing experimental multimedia installation pieces that, “creatively shape musical sounds using technology and programming” she explains.

Andre Rusli 10R said, “I was very interested to learn how new sounds can be created using non-conventional methods. The fact that play dough, water buckets, bananas and stairwells can all be used to make new sounds was quite a surprise. In terms of creativity, it was a very mind-opening afternoon.”

Zoe So 10F was quoted as saying, “I got excited by one particular piece of music that Vanissa had composed – it was made up of broken samples from a campaign speech by Donald Trump. His voice was treated like a music instrument, ignoring the content of his words. I like the hidden message – in that the piece is 9 minutes 11 seconds long. I have never come across music like that before and I am going to find some more of the same to listen to.”

Vanessa’s reflections were positive too. She says “I thought it would be a challenge to pitch my work to younger students. However, the students listened attentively and were immersed. Their responses were thoughtful and personalised.”

Next week, Advanced Music Elements class visits HKBU Music department as they continue to explore the music of modern day Hong Kong.