30 Apr 2021

ISSJ Diversity Week 2021

The Island Social Justice Group (ISSJ) came together once again to organise Diversity Week which took place between March 22nd – 28th.

Throughout the week, the ISSJG organised a wide range of activities both online and in school. Online activities included the ‘Humans of Island School’ photo collage which represented the students, staff and parents of Island School, to a Spotify Playlist which was created by the ISSJG team with the purpose to celebrate artists who come from different nationalities, cultures and sexualities. The school also incorporated the topic ‘Diversity’ in subject lessons. A Year 10 English class was given a reading comprehension task on Anti-Asian Racism by Qian Julie Wang.

The ISSJG also decorated the school with  LGBTQ+ flags to printed photos of influential figures who had made an impact on the world.

On the 28th of March students and staff came to school dressed in a variety of colours to show their support for diversity. In addition, the ISSJG also sold rainbow ribbons and stickers to raise money for a local organisation. The funds which were raised on the day all went to ‘Rainbow of Hong Kong.’

When asked, Georgina Bradley (10F) said:  “I think it is really great how everyone in school showed their support by dressing colourful. It really is important for us to show our support because not everyone around the world agrees with equality and diversity.”

The ISSJG has more plans for the upcoming year including the Women’s Liberation Week in April and other diversity projects.