30 Apr 2021

Debate Club x ISSJ on Women’s Rights

Teaming up with Island School Social Justice Group, students in Debate Club have been celebrating women’s rights as part of ISSJ Diversity Week on 22nd March 2021.

In Debate Club, students have developed their communication and collaboration skills through learning how to structure, deliver, and organise debate speeches. Led by Grace Zheng (12F), Sam Hui (11W) and Charlie Lam (11E), the Club ran a debate on the motion of ‘THBT the empowerment of women is the only way for society to progress forward’.

Debate Club leader Grace Zheng (12F) discussed why the club ran the debate, “We frequently hear talks about improving inclusivity and equity for women, but there is seldom discussion on what it takes or means to truly empower them. Through this motion, we hope speakers from both sides can take time to not only reflect on the role and impact of women in present society, but also look at the active steps we as a society need to take, now and in the future.”

Sam Hui (11W), Debate Club leader and ISSJ member also commented, “We must appreciate the significant role women have played in the development of society in all facets of life – science, community, government, literature, art, sports, medicine. On behalf of Debate Club, we are incredibly proud of running this activity, and for students to recognise the significance of women in society.”

Senior Head of House and Debate Club leader Mr Danny Nason said, “Well done to the club leaders for using this platform to discuss such an important topic.They have done a fantastic job of leading this activity and I know our debaters will have gained so much from their insight, intelligence and inspiration.”

Ms Maryanne McPhee, ISSJ leader and Head of History said, “Dialogue and debate is key to addressing issues of inequality and it is great to see the debate club engaging in issues of social justice and embracing the Island School values as part of Diversity Week.”

Debate Club is held weekly every Monday.