27 Feb 2017

Island Sessions, Musician of the Week

Island Sessions’ musician of the week is 14-year-old Priscilla Lee. Her love for music started at a young age when she joined a church choir, where she performed for thousands of people. In the summer of 2016 Priscilla performed at the Scholar’s Show at the World Scholar’s Cup in Bangkok, which she describes as, “a brilliant experience!”

She said: “There were so many people and it was absolutely terrifying, but everyone was so encouraging, so I felt safe and gave it my all.”

Outside of school, she plays the piano/keyboards with a band. They perform regularly she said: “sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in. I know I need to study for mocks, but I also know I can’t let the band down by not showing up to practice.”

“My family, though, is extremely supportive, and to some extent, I guess they motivate me to keep going, and not to let them down.”

Currently she is on the Elements course ‘Rock the Foundation’ were she is continuing to develop her talents as a singer, song writer, and composer. Next year, she will be taking the iGCSE exams.

At Island Sessions Priscilla sang Titanium by David Guetta: “I chose to Titanium because I really connect with that song on some level, and it suits my voice.”