22 Apr 2024

Island School’s Composting and Food Waste Initiative

One school term has passed since WANBO revived Island School’s Food Waste Composting Initiative! Please keep on reading to learn more.

Our Goals:

  1. Repurpose food waste produced in Island School by students, teachers, and our catering company, Asia Pacific Catering
  2. Provide nutrient-rich soil to the Gardening team at our school
  3. Help achieve and uphold the values of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools’s Charter, which Island School became a signatory to in early January.

So far, the WANBO team is delighted to share that the composter and the food waste recycling system are all in order. Our team, led by committee deputy head Jayden Yuen 10R, has been diligently collecting food waste from the cafeteria, the food tech rooms, and Asia Pacific to deposit into the composter. Island School currently produces around 5 kg of compost per day, thus we have most likely composted more than 200 kg of food waste and counting!

Students, teachers, and members of staff are kindly reminded that the food waste bins in the dining hall are strictly for food waste only. Tissues, wooden skewers, and tetra pak juice boxes should go into general trash bins around school. 

WANBO would like to thank the PTA for providing the funding required to uphold this sustainable endeavour throughout the year. Please look forward to future initiatives from us in the future!

For any questions or concerns, please contact our WANBO Heads:

Alexandra Lai 12W alexandra.lai@online.island.edu.hk 

Anais Lambert 12R anais.lambert@online.island.edu.hk 

Jayden Yuen 10R jayden.yuen@online.island.edu.hk 

Hayden Leung 10F hayden.leung@online.island.edu.hk 


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