20 Feb 2024

Island School TEDx Talks now on You Tube.

Last month Island School hosted a TEDx event, inviting eight speakers to deliver their “Pop” themed monologues. Their topics ranged from: geopolitical challenges to the dark side of pop culture politics. Watch all eight speakers’ talks on YouTube today (on the official TEDx channel).

Amruth Alfred – https://youtu.be/nfLyM-sGTTQ Where is Everyone – the Fermi Paradox

Edwin Ty – https://youtu.be/MLu0BYTgyNs Second thoughts on innovation, AI and healthcare

Brian Wong (Island School alum!) – https://youtu.be/ImBbgayLG6Y Do individuals possess any agency in face of geopolitical challenges and divides?

Nick Lau – https://youtu.be/frQrlC9LxC8 How a Failed Sewing Class Paved My Way to Entrepreneurship

Ava AU YEUNG [11D]- https://youtu.be/C-oi4X0Dg7Y The Dark Side of Pop Culture Politics

Mei GOTO [12N] – https://youtu.be/12cBF-3i4f4 Why you shouldn’t shake a soda pop – The art of mastering our emotions through stoicism

Katrina HON [12R] – https://youtu.be/jMGO8LS58c4 The Popularity Paradox: Why Fitting In Isn’t Always the Pathway to Success

Timothy CHAN [11D] – https://youtu.be/xSolQnPN4oo  Why Nothing Goes To Plan (& Why Keep Going Anyways)

If you’re interested in organizing next year’s TEDxIsland School, stay tuned for more information!

From the 2023-2024 TEDxIsland School team