8 Feb 2024

IS Live at the Big Top

Three bands and seventeen Island School students were invited to play at the AIA  carnival’s Big Top – a unique live music venue. The acts are among some of Hong Kong’s best loved musicians who are playing at the Big Top this winter. The bands: Milk B4 Cereal, Madagascar and Duchess were all finalists in STARS (Island School’s annual music showcase) they have continued to play and perform together all year. Collectively they played a 60min set which the audience sang and danced along to. 
Youth music company Y-Rock who organised the gig said, “Congratulations to all the stellar band performances from Island School! The level of musicianship and professionalism were beyond impressive. Thank you for teaching and guiding them to be such wonderful musicians. We enjoyed watching all of them on stage very much.” 
Head of Music, Mr Travers said, “A special thanks to all the Island School students, friends and family that came to support the acts. I could not be more proud of the musicians and their commitment to pursuing excellence, they were outstanding!”