14 Mar 2019

The Island School Oscars

The Year 13 IB Films students showcased their final productions and their passion for film making at the Island School Oscars on the 8 March 2019. All students were invited to watch the films, made by the IB class, they then voted for their favorite in a range of categories.

Alicia Yee (13N), winner of the best director award recalled, “It was a truly memorable experience because we all have put a lot of hard work into the films we made. I think to be able to create a successful film – it is all about team effort. I really couldn’t have done it without my editor and cinematographer so the award belongs to the team.”

“The experience helped me to become a better leader and I learnt how to give out directions rather than just taking them.”

Jake Yeung (13N), winner of the best screenwriter award also shared that it was a nice experience and he felt glad to be recognised. “Though there were hiccups and arguments throughout the process, we managed to overcome them. I’d also like to credit Tatjana, my fellow classmate for helping me with various creative decisions and technical aspects throughout the project.”

Congratulations to the following winners!

Cinematographer: Bryony Morgan (13W), The Shopping List

Director: Alicia Yee (13N), The Shopping List

Actor in a Leading Role: Jamie Putnam (13D), The Jogger

Actor in a Supporting Role: Daniel Mariano (13D), The Jogger

Screenwriter: Roan Murdoch (13N), Jake Yeung (13N) and Jamie Putnam, The Jogger

Sound: Daniel Mariano, The Jogger

Stills from The Shopping List


Pictured above, the film makers