14 Oct 2019

Island School MUN Conference 2019

Students representing more than 40 countries debated the topic of ‘Question of Free Press and Governmental Censorship’ at the IS Model United Nations Conference, on 27 September.
The purpose of this internal conference was to help familiarise students with the MUN procedure and prepare them for future conferences outside school. Head of MUN Ethan Yap explained: “Entering a digital era, we wanted to encourage students to investigate the influence media has on development and most importantly, how decisions we make as a young generation can impact the world.”

Fake news, breaches of sovereignty and the safety of reporters were just some of the topics that were debated. At the end of the conference, Wenchy Lai (India), William Na (Sudan) and Charlie Lam (France) were named the Best Delegates and Maria Ho (USA) and Carina Chatlani (Germany) were the Most Improved.
Delegate of Australia Aileen Bai Yang said: “Overall the conference was very engaging. I learned a lot about the issue through the perspective of different nations and it has also refreshed my memory of MUN procedures.”

Article by Grace Zheng, Media Team

Photographs by Kimberley Ng, Media Team