14 Oct 2019

Fleming House Charity Week

From sponsored silences to baking and running, Fleming House raised money for HUSK Cambodia and HK Children’s cancer foundation during their annual charity week from the 23-27th September.

On the Sha Tin Wai site, junior years did their sponsored silence and ’sponge the teacher’, whilst Year 12 and 13 students held a bake sale during lunch. On the Tai Wai campus 9, 10 and 11F did a sponsored run along the river and 9-10F also hosted their own bake sale, plus a dress red day was also held at both campuses. Avril Cook from 11F said: “The run was very tiring, but at the end of the day we all contributed to a good cause.”

About the charities:

HUSK Cambodia works with communities in Treak and Kompheim villages to provide access to safe water, health, livelihood opportunities and education to local families. Meanwhile, Children’s Cancer Foundation provides care and services to young cancer patients and their families, contributing to childhood cancer research and sponsoring expensive treatments.

The amount raised is still being counted but it will be presented to both of the charities later on in the year.

Article by Grace Zheng, Media Team

Photographs by Anderson Li and Yanisha Chung, Media Team