25 Jan 2019

Island Academy’s First STEM day

The Island Academy welcomed its first cohort of students who spent the day operating Mission Control from the Tai Wai campus, on Tuesday 21st January. In teams Glenealy students were tasked with designing plugs to stop a vital air leak, programming temperature regulators, solving critical thinking tasks and programming robotic rovers to use on Mars.

The Island Academy is a new programme at Island School which offers extension and enrichment opportunities to partner primary school students in Maths, Coding, Technology, Science and Critical Thinking.

English Teacher, Kate Sommerville who coordinated the day said, “The day flew by and the students were absorbed throughout – they particularly enjoyed the robotics challenge.”

“The day was best summed up by Year 6 Vanessa who said – we keep failing but it is great fun learning [these new skills]!”

The day was co- designed with Glenealy School and Island School teachers who look forward to their next Island Academy collaboration.

Click here to see a video of the day