24 Jan 2019

ESF Chef Competition First Round

At the first round of the Island School ESF Chef competition, senior students were given a mystery box of chicken and some vegetables. They could then choose a carbohydrate and use any of the herbs and spices from the dry store. They then had 10 mins planning and 1 hour cooking time, before the judging.

Ms Leung and Mr Woods judged alongside some Year 13 students. There was a clear winner, with Charlotte Wong from 12W almost getting full marks from all the judges, for her risotto dish. Charlotte and five other competitors, made it through to the next round,
Charlotte Wong
Wai Lam Yau
Angelina Wong
Victoria van de Pol
Jazmin Sadler,
Priya Brown

In the Junior competition students used the same mystery box and made the same additional selections. Food Technology Teacher Chileshe Chisulo said, “It was impressive to see the varied ideas and dishes that the junior teams came up with.”

Natalie and Chelsea scooped the top spot with their chicken tacos, followed closely by Charlotte and Valerie’s ravioli.

The teams going through to the next round,
Sara Adyanthaya Leyla Bauti
Chelsea Air Natalie Shiu
Rachel Sheary Samantha Lester
Elizabeth Ming Jenny Lau
Valerie Man Charlotte Man
Liron Perlman Tristan Wang

Click here to see photos of the chefs in action