27 Jan 2022

Students discuss international relations in Global Politics & MG20 Club

The Global Politics & MG20 Club held the first in-person session on Wednesday, 19th January 2022. With differentiated learning approaches, students were all enthralled in getting to know each other. They also heard about the exciting activities that were planned for the club this year.

The club welcomed its new leaders, Angus Leung (11N), Vijay Narayanan (9F) and Jerry Luo (11D). In the activity the group discussed “the consequences of a nuclear war”. Students firstly understood what nuclear weapons are, the history of these weapons being used, and explored how they can affect the future. A statement of inquiry that students investigated was, “Global decisions can influence the way we live, regardless of our position or job. We must have an understanding of global politics to further adapt to these types of global decisions.”

Angus Leung (11N), activity leader commented, “This was a great start for the club! Club members and student leaders have actively participated in the discussion. We were grateful that the first session was a huge success and a great start for the club.”

Sam Hui (12W), club advisor said, “They new leaders have really put a tremendous amount of effort into planning, presenting and delivering their sessions, and that did not go unnoticed – the session was incredibly successful.”

Ms Anny Kim, lead teacher of the activity commented, “I have been impressed by the leaders organising and running this club, they have been well prepared throughout the whole process and I look forward to all upcoming discussions.”

Global Politics & MG20 Club is held weekly on Wednesdays after school. Students who are interested can sign up via this link (Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfY0wblz3vfO6atcRv3CfhWj2p68oRZXmBL3TNwf170uMgjBQ/viewform?usp=sf_link).

This club is led by: Ms Anny Kim, Angus Leung (11N), Vijay Narayanan (9F), Jerry Luo (11D), and advised by Sam Hui (12W).