16 Jun 2023

iNaturalist Biodiversity Challenge Results

Wambo was thrilled to see so many students participate in our iNaturalist challenge during Biodiversity Week. The activity was a true celebration of our school’s commitment to biodiversity conservation and preservation on our planet.

We would like to thank all students who contributed their time and efforts to this challenge. Your commitment to this cause and your enthusiasm greatly contributed to the overwhelming success of this event.

We are thrilled to declare Einstein the winner of this year’s iNaturalist challenge, with an amazing 1159 entries. But we would also like to extend our appreciation to all participating houses and all active participants, as they each demonstrated an impressive effort which carries out the purpose of this competition, to explore biodiversity in Hong Kong. As a result, we witnessed a significant increase in the number of observations, species, and observers overall. The numbers were so close to the first-ever launch of this activity – a testament to the immense effort and dedication shown by everyone involved.

We applaud your willingness and enthusiasm to take action for this cause and look forward to hosting this challenge again next year. We hope to see the same, if not greater, level of passion and enthusiasm from all of you!

If you have any questions in regards to WANBO, feel free to email our Heads and Deputy Heads!


Clement Kwan [12R] ~ clement.kwan@online.island.edu.hk 

Hannah Wu [12D] ~ hannah.wu@online.island.edu.hk 

Deputy Heads: 

Zoe Tan [10E] ~ zoe.tan@online.island.edu.hk 

Megan Chan [10D] ~ megan_yh.chan@online.island.edu.hk 

For more regular updates and announcements on the project, as well as opportunities for students to get involved in WANBO’s initiatives, please follow our Instagram page @iswanbo.

Credit: Ava AU YEUNG [10D]