28 Sep 2016

Hiking the Hong Kong trail, students and staff train for a 50km charity hike.

img_7695editAt the first training hike of the year, on the 24 Sep, over 120 staff and students walk 25km of the Hong Kong trail in preparation for the 50km Rainbow Trek taking place in November.

Students who completed the trail experienced “slopes that devastated my quadriceps”, said Justin 11R. Alsha Patel of 12R said that it was, “exhausting and difficult, but seeing teachers treating it just like a stroll in the park motivated me.” Other first-time hikers also exclaimed that their pinnacle was showing resilience to finish the hike entirely; summed up by Robin Yung – “It wasn’t the trail that I overcame, but myself!”

From its inception in 2005, the Rainbow Trek has been raising money for New Sight Congo, a pioneering surgical eye centre in the Republic of Congo.

“Donating funds to this charity not only benefits those who have lost their sight, but lifts their whole family out of poverty”, said Mr Chan one of the staff leaders on the Rainbow Trek. “In a country where there are virtually no hospitals, the impact we can make with such a small amount of money is overwhelming.”

The founders of New Sight Congo are Hong Kong doctors and Mr Chan believes it perfectly suits Island School saying, “think globally, act locally.”

Article by Aayush Batwara