30 Sep 2022

Help to be Helped, Students Share Skills and Knowledge

Students of the Help to be Helped summer tutoring program were awarded certificates this month for completing a 2 month programme.  They tutored other Island School students on a variety of chosen skills and subjects from IGCSE Physics, to Creative Writing, to Crochet for beginners.

The Help to be Helped programme strives to trade skills and knowledge. The programme will continue in term 2, and it will be expanded to students in need outside of Island School.

Sophie Luk, one of the Help to be helped student leaders said, “the programme provided many students with an opportunity to share their passions, as well as learn from their fellow classmates. We really hope to extend our reach by collaborating with NGOs beyond Island school in the near future!”

Hailey Lau, who also led Help to be helped, added, “We’ve created Help to be Helped hoping students in need would get the opportunity to be supported in their learning, and tutors could also benefit from the experience. By recruiting a variety of tutors teaching various subjects/skills, we hope our students could broaden their knowledge and even try new things!”

By the Help to be Helped team